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Fat Cat Brass are a brass band like you've never experienced before.

We play original arrangements of classic pop tunes from the last 5 decades.

There's 4 horn players and 2 drummers....who perform on STILTS!

The tunes will keep you singing and the rhythms will keep you dancing.

Whether it's a Carnival, Festival, private party or bar, the Fat Cats will bring energy and joy into your space.

We pride ourselves on being only a 4 horn set-up and love the challenge of taking a great tune and making it work in our own way. So, along with the two drummers, being a 6 piece band makes us quite unique in the brass band world. Fat Cat is small but mighty!

Most of our gigs are totally unplugged and acoustic. However, we also often perform using a full p.a. set up and wireless, roaming mics. This is great for the larger indoor venues where everyone wants a piece of the action.

Carnivals, Festivals, Parades - Fat Cat can parade through your streets or venue, with the drummers on stilts.

We can also be a roaming band, stilts or ground based.

Stage - Blistering Latin style arrangements with an Afro-Cuban percussion set up.

Check out our videos for an idea of what we are about.....


Meet the Team

Mitch Oldham - FCB Position: co-boss, Drums and Stilts.

M1130246_PLab copy.jpg
M1130322_PLab copy.jpg
M1130194_PLab copy.jpg
M1130204_PLab copy.jpg
M1130275_PLab copy.jpg

Steve Bland - FCB Position: co-boss, music arranger and Trumpet.

Bruce 'Dr.Beef' Reid - FCB Position: Sousaphone.

Phil Drew- FCB Position: Trombone


James Docherty - FCB Position: Trumpet.

Dave 'Black Beard' Boston - FCB Position: Drums and Stilts.

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